Hi I'm Jennifer, Welcome to Rise goddess 🌹

Are you a Female Leader on a mission to create Global, Societal and personal change? Are you stepping in to your true power as a feminine woman? 

Do you get lost in all of the shoulds and shouldn'ts and feel like your missing the mark in certain areas of your life? 

Then this space is Created to help support you in untangling the mystery that you are and setting you on your True course of serving the planet and your people.

I am on a journey of finding a New Paradigm for Female Leadership. One that busts old myths and outdated concepts and sees all women thriving, cooperating and working together. 

Seeing what each of us has to bring to the table and making sure there is room for us all. 

The women I am called to focus my work upon are already change makers and revolutionaries. They already have businesses, social justice movements and healing practices and are ready to move that to the next evolutionary step. 

My path has led me to find best practices and tools to support women in living their most authentic Truth. to stop being copy cats and feeling inadeqate in a sea of female entrepenership and instead tap in to their Unique gifts. 

Your Unique Brand of Medicine for the World...

We are creating conversation about new ways to be and create as Female leaders in the spiritual and higher consciousness fields. We are owning and reclaming our true feminine power. And creating wealth and health sustainably for ourselves through that pursuit. 

This is about honesty. This is about self worth. This is about thriving.

When women are willing to be unapolagetically true to their own voice and message, it ripples throughout the consciousness of the planet. We are co-creating a new way of being on this Earth.


You will find some free resources on this page as well as information on how we can work together 1-1. I hope you enjoy your time here. 


With a Grateful Heart,

Jennifer x


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