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My name is Jennifer and I am happy that we have found one another. I hope that your visit is enjoyable and that you can feel safe here. I offer 1-1 Healing  Sessions and Group workshop experiences to women who are aligning themselves to their true calling and authentic expression in this life.

This is a virtual portal to an online temple. A temple for the Goddess within you to begin to emerge. She may not be visible to you yet, but I promise you she is there. Residing within your very own beating heart.

Rise Goddess was a transmission... a Divine download channelled through to me in 2013 when I was deeply lost and felt so alone and scared about never finding my true calling. The calling of my soul. I had already been on my spiritual path for the past 4 years. However, I was missing the Love of the Divine Feminine in my life and I saw others were too... so as the years passed by I was brought to teachers, trainings, books and courses that would align me more on to this path. 

This path has led me on many different roads, some perilous, others sweet and safe and angelic. I hope to show you some of what I have learned. To do my part in leading us all back to a unity consciousness of equality and harmony on this planet. The Sacred dance of Yin and Yang. 

In my clearest moments of vision I can see it as already done, but we still seem to have some passages to go through before we fully arrive in this now moment. Here's to the Golden Age, Here's to our freedom, right now. And Here is to the Honouring of the mystical ways of the Feminine in our daily life experiences once again. 

Aho and So It Is.

Love and Grateful Blessings to You x


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I recently participated in the Worldwide Pleasurethon and offered some guidance and meditation on connecting to your womb. I hope you enjoy <3


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