Hi! Iā€™m Jennifer Anne Cain

I have worked with women from all over the globe for 4 years now in a mixture of Online Mentoring, Energy Healing, Certified trainings and Creatively Self-Inspired workshops. I birthed the creative name for my business before I even got started! Rise Goddess came through to me as a channelled message from my Higher Self and the Angels. I knew it was imperative that we as women remembered our True nature. That we stopped trying to be like men or other women and let our own Unique energy guide us.

It has been a deep journey for me, awakening to my Goddess self, exploring unchartered territory, working through my own blocks and fears. Being a Feminine woman can be a great gift to our world. I know you can Shine and show us who you are!

I am Theta Healing teacher, Intuitive Mentor and Creative Entrepreneur. My work is Based in Edinburgh, I was born and raised 30 minutes from the city in the Ancient Capital of Scotland. I teach Theta Healing classes, group meditation and a number of self-created, inspired workshops throughout the city of Edinburgh. I also see people 1-1 in the New Town area. My online work, spans the globe! Technology rocks :)