Advanced DNA Theta Healing® Course

Enhance your skills in the Advanced Course! On the Advanced course you will improve on your skills further as a Theta Healing Practitioner and begin to practice at a higher level. This course leads on seamlessly from the Basic Practitioner course and the material is designed to fully awaken the practitioner to their intuitive abilities within the technique.

During this 3 day course, which is 75% practical, you will learn:

~ How to create feelings.

~ Improving upon your belief work and digging abilities.

~ More in depth knowledge on the Planes of Existence.

~ How to clear free floating memories.

~ Healing the baby in the womb exercise.

~ Healing the broken soul exercise.

~ Meeting Plants and communicating with them.

~ Releasing deeper Rejections, Regrets and Resentments.

~ Connecting to your ancestors, communicating with your Higher self and much more!

After the 3 days you will receive your certificate and become an Advanced Theta Healing Practitioner with the Theta Healing Institute of Knowledge.

Prerequisites for this course: Basic DNA Theta Healing Practitioner course.

What's Included:

~ Advanced DNA Practitioners Manual (full colour, laminated)

~ Advanced Theta Healing Book

~ Coffee's, teas, snack and refreshments

~ Water (Bottled, unlimited)

The rate for this class is £395 up until 6 weeks before the class where it will then increase to £420. To secure your spot you can book in your £95 non refundable deposit.

See you in class!