becoming the Beloved ~ 6 month Group Mentorship experience

We begin January 22nd 2018

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Are you ready to fully welcome yourself as the Beloved Woman that you are?

The days of us seeking anything external to fulfil us are over. In the western world we now have access to all of the freedoms and choice and support we could possibly wish for. Yet still so many of us are in a pattern of dependency, believing we are incapable of having the life we truly want.

Most of us are avoiding looking for love in the one place we will truly find it. Within us. 

We may seek external goals, relationships, food, sexual pleasure or even begin a family to try and find some fulfilment in our hearts and bodies. All of these things can enhance an already full and beautiful experience of life, in fact without them life would be quite bland! This is not a question of one or the other but it is a question of: 

Are you ready to stop chasing and start truly living a wonderful life? 

Becoming our own Beloved is the only way to truly sustain and develop this. The ways our lack of self love present themselves are:

~ We drain our own energy resources and then expect others to fill us back up.
~ We deny love and nurturing to ourselves and then expect others to give it to us.
~ We refuse to recognise our own gifts and talents and then depend on other people to tell us how worthy we are. 

These are the habits and behaviours that create our issues, nothing on the outside can fill us or drain us. We are choosing it all and now with the knowledge and power of living an aligned life we can change the game for ourselves and our world.

Becoming the Beloved is all about recognising ourselves as Whole, Holy and Divine women. 

We incarnated here not only to give love to others, but to fully be open to receiving and generating what we long for from our own womb and yoni space. From our hearts as well as our heads. Becoming the Beloved looks to soften and integrate all of the many lifetimes and paths we have chosen on our journey to freedom as women and begin to see the world as a safe space again. 

It is about no longer blaming or shaming self or others for what we perceive to be lacking and expanding through the discomfort in to a wider, more full expression of who we are. Letting life bring us miracles and fully embodying who we want to be as large, expansive and divinely aligned females on this planet. 

During our 6 month Group mentorship experience you will receive the highest quality of teaching and healing in this area to bring you back to meet yourself as the Beloved woman that you are. You will not be alone, we will become a collective sisterhood of the most beautiful women ready for expansion and to support one another on this path to Self-Love. 

I have found that when we meet together as sisters we amplify our collective manifestations and fine-tune them to the highest and best outcome possible for us all. As Priestesses walking this path together, it brings more fulfilment, joy and Love in to our hearts to awaken our Dreams side by side. 

Our focus for this 6 month journey is:

~ Unravel the Divine Woman that is you. To see, smell, taste and fully live in a reality of your own choosing. Releasing subconscious blocks and belief systems that no longer align with that reality. 

~ Connecting with a Divine collective of Priestess sisterswho are also committed to their own growth and healing alongside you.

~ Really get clear on your desires and Dream your life AWAKE!

~ Manifest miracles, bringing back the joy and the spark to life again. 

~ Clear you of all and any blocks in the way of you being your own Beloved and radiating your true essence out to the world. 

~ Set you fully on the path and purpose of your Soul's mission and work here on this Earth. So that you can thrive and sustain yourself through aligned living.

~ Enhancing and increasing intuitive and psychic gifts to help you succesfully navigate the planes of existence.

~ Connecting more deeply and frequently to Source.

~ Loving your body, your sensual and sexual self, the woman that You are.

~ Aligning on your path as a Priestess and Wise Woman.

~ Improving health, relationships and all round life experience as you unveil the beautiful and amazing being that you ARE!

~ So much more that we could not possibly know yet! Intention and allowing combined for maximum effectiveness and joy within the entire process.

Month by Month Break-down


January ~ Month 1: Arriving

Starting to open up, set the tone for our journey and feel in to what is present within you on both deeper and more subtle levels. 

Where are you now?

Where do you want to be?

What’s working and what isn’t?

Getting familiar with one another and the ThetaHealing technique and other mentorship tools we will be applying along our journey.


February ~ Month 2: Unravelling


This month will be a time where we dive very deeply in to what is going on in your subconscious. Now that you are more familiar with ThetaHealing I will be guiding you to awaken the subconscious and start to see whats going on beneath the surface. This is where the true healing begins.

We will gently, lovingly and gracefully meet with your deep fears and trauma’s, the ones that are navigating much of your subconscious landscaping and stopping you from moving forward. 

We will be clearing the dark and unconscious frequencies that simply need to be understood and uncovered so that you can be free-er than ever before. All in a loving, gentle, calm and held energetic space.


March ~ Month 3: Moving through


What patterns, habits and behaviours are no longer (or never where) serving you and your soul’s mission?

Where do you need to express more, tune in deeper and get life moving in a positive direction?

How do your relationships with others currently reflect your inner world?

What parts of yourself do you need to focus on and grow and which areas are ready to be let go of?

This month with get us in to the practical application of this journey and create a clear picture of how you want to move and grow in your world.


April ~ Month 4: Getting clearer


The next 3 months of our journey will be focused on continuing to fine-tune what is really going to bring that Beloved essence in to every area of your life. 

What practices do you require to feel more in love with yourself, your body, mind, spirit and soul?

What priorities need to be made? Where should you be putting your attention and energy?

More Yin, less yang or a harmonic resonance with both?

Do you do this through a yoga practice, running, eating certain foods, orgasmic bliss exercises?

Who do you hang with and what are the qualities of your conversations like?


May ~ Month 5: Activating the desired life


Month 5 is about really activating all of the preparation and space clearing we have been doing over the previous 4 months. 

We will begin to actively implement and make these planned for changes in to your daily experience. 

This is the month we really focus on LIVING this desired experience. 

We will use Manifesting and Light Magic principles to awaken the desire to conscious awareness. 

With a lot of juiciness and potent Shakti life force! 

The Goddess will really step in to support you in this month. 

5 is also the number of change and May is the month of the Divine Mother Mary. 

So there will be many miracles unfolding here. 



June ~ Month 6: Living as the Beloved.


At the beginning of summer we will enter in to our final phase of the Becoming the Beloved Process.

This is the month where you really being to see yourself moving through the world as a Beloved Goddess woman. 

You will feel and know yourself as more Whole, complete from within and part of the ever evolving current of Creation that is LIFE itself!

We will go deeply in to the Priestess alignment during this final month and start to look at your greater souls mission in the world, now that you can live in Love and Truth more and more each day. Now that you know who you are. We will brighten the colour palette and magnify the picture on the screen of your life. 

You will be ready and complete in this process, with a full toolkit and many empowering and Divine practices to enter your New Life with. 

Your in individual journey will be largely dependent on what you are experiencing in your life at this time, what your hopes and specific goals are from this work and what cycle and stage of your womanhood you are in. 


How will we do it?:

Through aligning you with your own personal brand of medicine. The reason why you came here to this planet and the confidence, clarity and aligned action steps to get you living the life you are here for. 

I will bring my full toolkit of training and life experience so far to our work together and as I continue my ThetaHealing training I will bring all of those new in sights in to our work also. 


~ Twice Monthly 2 hour Deep-dive Group Mentoring Sessions.

~ Tailored resources and recommended reading each Month.

~ Email support available during Office hours 12 - 4pm Monday - Thursday, I will respond as quickly as possible.

~ Month by Month energetic theme and meditation for that month. There will be an additional call for this.

~ As your mentor I will be Applying my skills as an Advanced Theta healing practitioner, Intuitive Guide plus all of the Women’s training, Goddess work and Priestess training I have undergone over the past 6 years. 

financial Investment:

£4200 for the Full 6 month Journey.

£700 per month Payment Plan Option.

Sound good?

Let's arrange a No obligation 30 minute Clarity Call to make sure it's a good fit for us both. 

We will be committing a large portion of the year to one another and I will be fully in to doing the best job I can at supporting you fully as your mentor, guide and healer on this journey of unfolding. 

Fill in this short application to apply and book your Free 1-1 call <3


Praise for this work:

"Jennifer's work is incredibly powerful. I felt a shift in my belief system almost immediately and made huge life and business decisions that have benefited me immensely since my sessions with her. I will continue to rely on her expertise and unmatched healing abilities in every area of my life. One session with Jennifer did more for me than years of working with other professionals."
"I have had the pleasure of working with Jennifer for several months. She is such a warm and gentle soul. Jennifer has the intuitive ability to create a warm and supportive space while you explore blocks in your life. Working with her has transformed my personal life as well as my business life. Uncovering blocks and releasing fears has allowed me to step fully into my power. I have healed in ways that I did not believe we're possible. I am forever grateful for our work together. "
"For 12 weeks, I began each Monday morning with a session with Jennifer. Before I saw any clients or did any work in my business, I talked to Jennifer. The result was a heart-opening, energy expanding, limiting belief removing experience. She helped me to open my heart, experience relationships, and enjoy my life and business at a new level. I am so incredibly thankful for Jennifer Cain and her work.