Change Your Beliefs, Change Your Life.

Change Your Beliefs, Change Your Life. 


An example of the power of changing our beliefs, living beyond austerity. I often learn my lessons through words. Repeating terms in my mind over and over again, even words I am not so familiar with, until I pay attention. By googling the word and finding its meaning I can then see what the significance is. Today I heard the word “austerity” repeating within my mind 3 or 4 times during the morning. I had a sense of the feeling of this word but needed clarity and found it to be connected to strict, fixed ideals. Being from the UK the old establishment has a lot of austere points of view as to how society should function and this can limit abundance and stop people from dreaming big. On the flip side of this I see America, where many dream so big they can’t get those ideas off the ground. The old and the new. Middle way? Hmm maybe not. On my theta healing journey I have discovered that in order to truly create something that lasts within our lives, we must know how it feels. Feeling is the most powerful creative force in the universe and we have it running through our bodies. 


We can create anything we choose. 


So much of the time that choice can feel external to us before we awaken. And there is always a positive benefit we are gaining even from the most seemingly negative beliefs and feelings within us. For me, I had been so used to relating to money and abundance in an austere way or on the flip-side a completely non-respectful and impulsive way that I thought the strict and super-controlling way of managing money was the “right path”. I  realised that as money and opportunities for earning started to come in I would start to contract my energy field and feel more pressure than when I didn’t have any money at all! Fascinating discovery. It was like I had so much pressure and heaviness attached to the way I believed I was supposed to handle money that I avoided manifesting it all together. It makes sense right? When we know we want a good thing, but part of us fears having it due to opposing belief systems. This is where the belief and digging work with Creator really transforms things for us. 


I notice that I often start to feel a block arising soon after I have set a new intention to have something desired come in to my life. It is at this point that some people would turn away and make excuses like “this must not be meant for me” or “God or the Universe obviously doesn’t want me to have it”. Of course it is true if we are manifesting from our ego and not in alignment in our lives, the benevolent and kind Universal and Source energies may attempt to re-direct us. However, when you ask for something from that pure place of wanting to improve yourself and move forward, the energy of creation fully supports that. 


This is when your subconscious steps in to show you whats truly in the way of you having this desired experience. Not to push it away from you or deny you of it but to remind you of your power to co-create what you want. 


If the resistance is really big and the pain is strong it is natural for many people to seek distraction or to avoid that painful feeling. This is when they step away from their goal or outcome and close down their hearts. To the ego, moving in the direction of love can feel like death. 


It’s really important to discern what your ego is driving you to do from most likely a place of lack and fear and what your Soul and spirit want for you from a place of care and love


The ego is not a wholly useless part of us, it can be fun to merge with your ego and embrace all that makes you, you in human terms. Things get a little tricky when we are ONLY identifying with that part of us, it’s not a striving to purge the ego and become pure light all of a sudden but it is an awareness that nothing or none, no thought or feeling can control or distract you from creating the life you want. A life you can thrive in and truly en-Joy! This is freedom and this is wisdom. I know that when we are in a state of real deep fear or our “stuff” is coming up, it can feel almost impossible to discern what’s real and what isn’t. We are so fully immersed within our story that it can feel so real and like we will never get a new perspective on it. Within my sessions with clients and on doing the belief work on myself with Creator, I see that this point of feeling it will never shift or change is the exact point where the biggest healing can occur. 


Change is only a thought away.



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