Becoming the BelovedĀ šŸŒ¹

Why I am Becoming my Own Beloved.

The Beloved cannot be outside, for she is me. How could I be separate from my own Love, Worth or Abundance? The days of externalising are over and now it is time for me to reclaim my precious heart for myself. To spend hours moving in a way that feels good, better than good. To lovingly gaze in to my own eyes in the mirror when no-one else is watching and there is no reward but the attention I give myself.

To live a life free of obligation or sacrifice, knowing these things need not be in my life anymore. To stop the incessant need of the fear in me to please and provide answers for others while not honouring the time I need to take to get my life on track and in order.

I want to share my body with a beloved, yes. But it would be a meaningless experience if I hadn't met her myself first, with the Honour and gentleness she deserves.

I cannot compare my beauty or my values or my path or my life to another. When I do it just separates me further from my own Soul and the whole reason we are doing this is to feel that Soul connection isn't it? Is that not our collective biggest Why?

I chose to be a woman. 
So I must Love what this woman in me loves and melt beyond defences to meet the Truth. It doesn't matter how "they" are doing it. I have to feel good about my choices.

So I will slowly allow the petals around my diamond, jewel of a Heart to unfold, at their own time and in their own unique way. And the judgments will cease and the pain fall away and I will be left with only my Beloved Self. The one I have been waiting for all along....

Becoming the Beloved šŸŒ¹