Soul Poetry: Woman, What are you competing for?

For too long have women been taught to compete with one another. In both subtle and not so subtle ways we have been shown our apparent demise as a result of another woman success. Our hearts have been pulled apart from the collective connectivity of sisterhood in the name of sustaining a top-down, hierarchical, patriarchal paradigm. This is not what we are here for.


The collective energy of woman is mighty and strong. I witness directly as I move in to contact with a greater network of evolved women. Women who know that our worth is not determined by how we look, or how we dress, or who we associate with or how much money we make but is a sovereignty that comes from a deep inner knowing. The call of our wombs wisdom.


~ Womb-anhood ~ Womb-anity


Whether you physically have a womb in your body, or no longer do, this space inside of you is a vortex of the highest wisdom, healing and Unlimited connection to Source. Why would any Woman aware of this power and innate place of peace within… choose to compete without? Competition is of the head, not the womb or the heart or the Soul. Women way is the Em-Bodied presence of the Goddess Herself. Divinity incarnate. We need not rely on our heads to show us where to go.


We. Just. Know.

Intuition. Initiation. Inclination.


Integral understanding. That is the Woman’s Way.


You are so Bright, Your Essence shines through any fears you may have about Who You Are and Why you Came Here. Cease the seeking for the path… Remember the Path is Seeking YoU.


mystic Woman

healer Woman


Channel. Dance. Sing. Write. Feel. Heal. Hear. Know. Be



No more heady competition.

This is not your Truth.

Set Your light eternally Free. We are all the witnesses.



{This is the path of the Womb-an.}