Soul Poetry: No More Holding Back!

I’m ready now and I’m not holding back anymore!

I know what the fire under my seat is showing me and I won’t hold myself back!


I’m ready to share my gifts and beliefs and Soul’s song with the world!

I’m Shining like the Sun in the light of the height of Summer.


Things are happening, fast and all at once completely on target.

I saw how my fears and limiting beliefs would bog me down.


How my mind would talk me out of action.

How I would let things pass and feel more into something instead of just going for it with gusto!


That time is done. 

It may come again but I am not even worried about the future!

I’m to lit full of passion and drive and a desire to be seen in all of my glory.


I am not arrogant but confident.

I am yang and yin all at once and now at the peak of my monthly cycle I Illuminate and Expand and Birth and Evolve through life from moment to moment!


I do this out of Love and Service from Inspiration, without attachment or fear!

My support is already HERE!


I Divine knew knowings to share with all those who are called to listen.

To interact with the juicy Goddess nature of my being, embodied, FULL, Empress-Like.


I allonym inner animal to lead the way and I let her Wildish ways wind their way through my experience with utter satisfaction and complete delight!

My words are POWERFUL. I know that. I remember again who I Am.


Excited. Present. Flowing and GOING, no more going and aimlessly froing.

Doing it for the FUN of it, for the pure Vital Life Force coursing through my veins.


Billowing out like smoke from a chimney and dispersing throughout the atmosphere.

Breathe me in! Experience this essence. This Shakti has arisen in YoU ToO.


Om Mani Padme Hum.

I walk to the beat of my own shamanic drum. whatever I desire is about to transpire!

The flame consciousness ON FIRE. No forcing. The elements in perfect harmonee within ME.


Shake and loosen old structures. Let your hair be untamed and untangle yourself.

See Soul everywhere. make no mistake of why you came here.



A H O.


Now G O >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>