Moon Transmission: New Moon in Leo and Solar Eclipse 21 August 2017

Today is the day we have been building towards. It's the New Moon in Leo and Solar Eclipse. 


The Solar eclipse will be fully visible in certain parts of the US, many facebook friends and spiritual guides I follow are now at Mount Shasta in Northern California and others are in Oregon, which I believe is where the Solar Eclipse will be in full visibility. For those of us who cannot attend the monumentous event in person in the states, we can still tune in to and benefit from the prosperous and abundant new beginnings this Eclipse will bring us. 


This eclipse is calling us to be willing to change. Not just our life circumstances but our fundamental, core, genetic and sometimes our Soul beliefs... The world of the past is melting away and the ego is clinging for power. 


Patriarchal control is slipping through and we are asked to reframe everything. Its not been easy for me the past few days, today I felt a relief and a shift in consciousness but this weekend has felt like a Cosmic storm in my energy field! I was very anxious and my mind seemed to be clinging on to things that were not benefiting me. I felt in my womb also a huge awakening happening as I come in to the grounded reality of manifesting my desires. 


I feel like life is bringing it all closer in to my physical reality Now and if you know me at all... You will see that part of me is an idealist and someone who very much feels safer living in the clouds than actually receiving what I desire in manifest form. I often get more scared when things DO start to really go my way than if they were kept at arms length. 


So what does this time of New beginnings and merging our Spiritual ideals with 3rd plane reality mean for us? -


It's a powerful time of awakening the Lions Heart within us all. To really face our fears head on, not the ones that come from facing what we DON'T want but actually believing and knowing that the Universe loves us enough to bring in our Highest reality... Now. 


Most people complain about what they want and are so used to not getting it that this becomes their reality. This isn't just surface wants and needs... I am talking about your biggest dreams and most Soulful desires. Your partnership dreams. Your wedding dreams. Your having babies and living in a beautiful home in your dream location dreams... 


How would it feel if God said to you:

"Right, I've lined up that opportunity and that man is waiting for you and your tickets are booked and it's happening right now." ???


This is the feeling I am getting for myself during this time. Do i have the courage to no longer grasp or try to get what I want but to step in to the new reality fully. With all of my fears and doubts and worries. And instead of trying to get it all perfect as I see it "should" be from my own vision, can I just step in to things as they are now and face what comes with Love and open up to what I truly want? 


WOW MAN! Revelations!


As always I am taking this with a big dose of humour, self-compassion and gratitude. Knowing that the Highest outcome will happen regardless of what I do or don't do. 


But I do feel the pull or push to stretch myself and my heart is wide awake and my womb is speaking to me! So lets see what happens...


With So much Love, 

Jennifer x


ThetaHealing Downloads for today - 

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Say Yes Aloud and you will receive these transmissions on every level of your being now <3