New Blog: How to love yourself… even when others don’t

You know how it goes. Life is going well, your getting recognition. Your pleasing people, family and friendships are going good, maybe great. People are recognising your accomplishments and you are pretty happy with yourself, after all the world is reflecting that back to you with all of those praising statements and happy smiling faces! This is our ideal reality. This is what most of us want to experience. 


So what happens when you are no longer receiving the gratification you are looking for from others? What happens when someone you love or care for or even don’t like at all begins to fling some frowns and unpleasant criticism your way? Or worse of all for us who identify as empaths… that funny feeling of disapproval you get from some people when you say whats on your mind or start to step out and do things differently?


As a sensitive being you may well be picking up on a lot of the subconscious feelings and thoughts that are swimming around you. You may sometimes believe that these energy frequencies are directly related to you. When people choose to dislike something about us and we choose to have a personal reaction to their observation, it can feel pretty hurtful. It can threaten to stop us from following through on our mission. To quit because its clearly causing some problems. To judge ourselves and try to fix whats wrong. 


Of course, when we are stomping around hurting people without a care and not being a considerate human being, most people are not going to like it. They may call you up on it and be justified in doing so, protecting their boundaries and such. Sorry is a powerfully healing word in those instances. I’m not referring to times when we should be looking at our behaviour and making some changes… I’m talking about when people are not vibing with you when your on your A-game. When your walking your Truth and triggering peoples ego’s. 


Within us all is an ego, a part that believes it is small, guilty, afraid and separate. This part is triggered in us humans for different reasons. Sometimes as person is completely unconscious of the fact that their ego is running them. They may say hurtful things, try and bring us down or control us or any other number of things which basically attempt to bring down our vibe or stop our shine in some way. This is not a fun energy to be around. It can feel like a huge betrayal especially if you have entrusted someone close to you to support you and lift you up when you need it. But not everyone is always capable of doing that for us, they may get jealous. They may feel as though you are taking something away from them. It’s their trigger and it’s their problem. When we make someone else's inner gremlins our truth and allow them discourage us from following and fulfilling our dreams and desires, we hurt ourselves the most. 


I know its not always easy and I understand that we all act out on our ego’s wishes from time to time. I am not demonising anyone. However, I do know that we must love and like ourselves enough and have people who have got our back around us, in order to buffer the effects of a wounded pain body that is trying to sabotage us. Of course when you get really deep in to it, these people are mirrors of a wounded aspect of self… (Unless there is any form of abuse involved, in this case, get out and don’t look back or make excuses for them at all). I have had many people dislike me and what I am doing, even people I really love. It hurt me. I have also projected my own pain on to friends who are succeeding, not necessarily telling them but knowing they could feel it. So I have lived both sides. 


The more I nurture and cultivate a loving, kind and accepting relationship with myself while encouraging my inner child, supporting her and getting a team of people around me who do the same, the better life gets. And when those tougher moment of doubt and rejection creep in… I am less paralysed by them as I was before. When the smiling faces turn in to frowns I can still smile at myself in the mirror and breathe through. 


Limit your time with judgmental, sarcastic and negative people. Become as joyful as you wish to be and Love yourself through it all. 


You are worthy of your own Love, Caring and attention and the more you give it to yourself, the more it will reflect back to you!