Moon Transmission: Full Moon in Scorpio May 10th 2017

The moon reaches her peak of power and illumination this month in the watery and strong sign of Scorpio. There is much to say about this Full Moon, some traditions such as in Buddhist culture are calling it the most powerful moon of the year, believed to fall on the Buddha’s first journey in to enlightenment and also the date of his death. There is also a strong link with the Christ energy here and a big chance for us to transform our lives in big ways if we want to.

When I tune in to the moon and ask her what her medicine is for us all during this cycle she says “Slow Down”. We are called to honour the intensity of our emotional landscape and at the same time not dwell on anything that does not matter in our bigger picture and larger life reality. Although a water sign, Scorpio has a very fiery and strong, stable vibration. Out of the three water signs of the zodiac Scorpio seems to be the most ‘level-headed’ and not as ruled by their emotions as pisces and cancer can be. The lessons of Scorpio is that of deep deep transformation on a cellular, subconscious and collective level sometimes quite radical revelations can come through that may have been buried for eons in a Scorpio unveiling. 

There are also said to be 3 evolutions of the Scorpio archetype. 1st - the snake, this is the part of the Scorpio energy which can be dark and vicious when provoked, the medicine can be deadly and painful and should be approached with caution. 2nd - the eagle, this is the stage where Scorpio has been able to fly above the little problems and concerns of the world below, although still a bird of prey, the eagle is free from it’s earthly binds and can pick and choose where it eats and lands on the earth. The 3rd stage of evolution for the Scorpio archetype is the Pheonix, Both bird and totem of transmutation and purification the Pheonix rises from the ashes of its own death, going straight through the flames of the fires it generates through its own life force and comes out a new. It is sometimes through being reborn through the fire of our own intensity that we can come alive again.

What other medicine does this moon have for you? Well its about integrating all of the deep shadow work we have been doing as a collective for the past 4-5 months together since the end of last year. For me, personally I feel a need for a lighter approach to healing now, to say goodbye to Kali and invite in some gentler energies on this part of the path.

Much of what is happening within us is occurring subconsciously right now, we still have some major planets in retrograde, including Saturn, the father of the laws of karma. So we have been revisiting some old, long forgotten memories and subconscious depths recently which may become little clearer, including past life connections with others, during the full moon today.

If you are hoping to do some for of ritual during this full moon, you can check the time of peak illumination where you are on the internet, the energy will still be potent 24-48 hours following the Full moon but try to get it as close to the peak as you can. 


Ritual for Scorpio Full Moon: 

~ Write a letter to your past self and state everything you are willing to let go of, burn it outside under moon light and preferably use some sage or palo santo to clear the energy afterwards. 

~ You can also take a candle and bowl of water as symbols of light and purification. 

~ Use the candle for burning the letter and the water to wash away the remains after. 

~ Make sure to do this outside and do not burn your hands.


Enjoy this moon, sleep as much as you need and spend some time in quiet reflection as well as with others who’s company you enjoy and feel safe around. Group rituals also work well. <3


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