Moon Transmission: New Moon in Cancer 2017

Moon Transmission: New Moon in Cancer 2017


The New Moon in Cancer falls just after the Summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere and Winter Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere. This is a powerful portal of activation and the frequency of the planet is hitting considerably in a new direction of more love and deeper, clearer and happier connection on all levels at this time. This New Moon has a lot to do with our emotions, particularly how we balance them in connection to others. do we martyr ourselves in order to gain Love? Do we resent other people but lack the initiative or assertiveness to confront them on their behaviour towards us? Where do we cling on to the past and remain stuck for fear of not being safe or comfortable?


Cancer is my Sun and Moon sign in astrology, I am very connected to the energy of this sign and being my birthday yesterday this feels like a powerful time to share all that I am connecting to on the Universal, Astral and Divine levels. Cancer is the homemaker, the mother and the crab is the animal totem of this sign. Crabs cling on. They are hard on the outside but underneath their shells is our soft flesh. Cancerians are extremely sensitive people, easily hurt and offended when in their less empowered moments. With clarity, awareness and confidence building cancers can be some of the best healers, mystics and most perspective and compassionate of all the signs. They want everyone to be kind to one another, they want comfort and stability. They don’t always go about things in the most conventional ways either. A crab moves sideways, not directly forward. They may do things in a way that seems less direct and straightforward, they feel things out before acting. 


Cancer New Moons are always sweetly sensitive and devotional in nature. 


They call us to go in to our metaphorical shells a little more and be kinder and more loving to our inner child as Cancer is a very infantile sign at times. We must honour our emotions and act with integrity. Carefully reviewing what we have been allowing or accepting that now needs to leave our lives for good and doing it in a way that won’t feel like we are losing anything or making too many quick and fast changes, Cancer is frightened by this. 


If you personally have any of your major astrological aspects in the sign of Cancer it would be beneficial for you to have a look at them and see how this pertains to you. The next month with the Sun in Cancer will feel very deep and sweet and safe. If we are so used to being full force with action and fire and making lots of fast and quick and inspiring connections we may need to slow down and pace ourselves a bit more. Reflection is a great attribute of the Cancer archetype, looking at the parts we played and taking time to heal our deeper wounds slowly and safely.


Home or feeling in a safe space will be particularly important this month also. You may not be able to tolerate your uncomfortable living situation anymore and seek more security wherever you are. Honour that and let your keen intuitive and sensitivity come forth to show you the way.


I feel so happy about being home in my Sun and Moon sign of Cancer right now. 


There is a lot of medicine coming forth through me. 

Wishing you luck, light and miracles as your journey on.


Sat Nam x


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