Soul Poetry: Nothing Compares to You

You are a rare find, like a precious jewel found at the banks of a river. 

There is no one quite like you.

Never has been and never will be.


Underneath the layers of dirt is a precious delight, ready to be excavated and to show the world it’s beauty.

Littleness and scarcity are so often favoured by this planet.

We fear to see our truth, that it may cause other ego’s concern.


“Do not shine to brightly! It is not safe to be such a star!”

They will say this and you may believe them for a moment… but don’t.


Your brightness is alive and well, even if for years you have chosen to dwell in the darkness.

You are not there anymore, let your inner knowing pull you out of there.


When you are strong enough, you can come back for them, but just for now let yourself free.

A dark pit cannot be illuminated by anything for long, it will always snuff out the light eventually, the fire’s embers will die and the match will be put out.

So you must climb out. Leave them there a while and send them what they may need to sustain themselves.

Eventually they too, will climb out of the pit, but you must let them decide.


As you gather your tools and make your way above ground, you will find that everything you sought to find in darkness was already waiting for you in light.

No chains bound you.

Nothing kept you from your soul’s true divine essence.

You may now look back with resentment and start to toil in that time you feel you have lost.

Fret not, the past never happened quite as your mind thinks it did anyway and it’s all rewrite-able. 


It is for sure a truth that there has never been another quite like you.

And what a gift to our world you truly are <3


Gotta keep on, keeping on…