Soul-Poetry: The Light within the Womb-an

Changing like the moons cycles.

As a woman, you change and transform like the cycles of the moon. You are flowing like the ocean tides, softly as you ebb and flow, come and go.


You are designed to be aligned with the stars and the laws of nature.

Your Her-story is ever unfolding aways knowing, through waiting to tell at the most divinely aligned moment.


In a land of her own, your psyche c0-creates the road map of your own adventure. The path you chose to follow may be similar to others, but no-one will know the depths of where you have gone, that sweet sweet knowing is reserved only for you and your Soul.

Omniscient yet yielding to the ever present changes of this existence. It is your nature to live in Grace and to birth what came here to be born. 


With Love and gratitude I stand for you oh woman dear. Womb-an. Womb-an. Womb-en.

You have come to know yourself as different, which you are. like the bud of a rose in full blossom, each part symmetrical and yet unique. Never before has a genetic tapestry such as yours walked upon this earth. 


Do not try to be like them. Be You. That is after all why you came here, isn’t it?

Such Love and blessings will abound to you when you know longer base your worth on the unholy projections of an unhealed world. Despite the meandering away from light and depth of innocence… this world is calling your True Feminine essence to be born, to heal us all. 


There is nothing or no-one to run towards. Your already exactly where you are supposed to be. 

An abundance of wonder awaits… beyond the veil of separation that has been calling you home. The past did not go the way you thought. Your “wrongs” and your “rights” mean little in the framework of Divinity. 


less and less, slower and truer, being and staying, remaining.

Slivers of rose, gold and translucent light are cracking through the veneer of your masks and wantings, are you ready to listen? to feel more deeply than you ever have before?


Are you willing to be so great and magnificent that you honour every living angel upon this earth and see us all as One?

That will be the gift you knew you were Rising towards all along and despite your pain and struggles and heroism, you will realise that nothing ever asked that of you and no more will you choose to suffer in order to grow. 


I Know You because I Know Me. I Know We.