Channeled Guidance: Money and Material Abundance

Let’s stop looking to each other for our Source…



I will admit it, until recently I had an idea that other people provided me my Source of the things I needed in the human world to survive. I knew that my spiritual sustenance came from God and I had some ideas or notions that I was Co-Creating my experiences with the Universe, but when it came to human, material assets… I still felt cut off and dependent on other to supply me. It is true that all money, goods, opportunity and connection on the 3rd plane or Earth plane as we know it is an exchange and circulation between us as people. Many people have falsely believed for a long time that some of us deserve greater access and/or easier access to these resources than others and therefore are in control of its distribution.

We have collectively placed these people as authority figures at the head of certain institutions of greater influence, designed to control and manage material assets and giving over individual power. We have forgotten that no one person has control over how much is available to us and that only the Source of Unconditional Love, sometimes called God can bring us and sustain that Abundance through us.


The Next Layer

Now there seems to be another level of out-sourcing the Affluence and Sovereignty that is our birthright as a human being and a sentient life force. Our ability to attract, flow with and manage our energy in all ways that will bring us happiness, joy, peace and Ease. We have then put this Source, God or even the Universe on the same separated pedestal that we have placed human authority figures in the past. This ensures that we always keep away from us exactly what it is that were are seeking.

“The ego seeks but never finds” -

this edited quote from A Course in Miracles explains this concept well.


It shows us that our belief in our separation from Source means we will forever seek and fail to find what we are looking for, because how could we when we believe what we want is apart from us? We project our fears and beliefs of authority, embedded deep within us by patriarchal conditioning, on to that which Loves us most. That which is our One Source of all we seek.

We then play low-level games, bargain and try to fear our way to material pleasures and safety or the accumulation of assets. Some people have now turned the use of Universal Laws such as the Law of Attraction as a new way to fearfully manifest desires, just placing spiritual language over the fear and hoping it will work. It may for a while, but the deeper knowing of where the Source stems from will surely eradicate that fear fully.


The Soul-Ution

The Source is not outside of YoU(niverse). The Universe need not be asked or begged or pleaded with for treats when you have been a “good” girl or boy. There is non of that in the realm of Love. And you don’t have to be a perfect, infallible human before you can access it either.

The trying can stop and the allowing or re-connection to All That Is has begun. Ideas come from you, gateways of possibility open and old beliefs are gone to make way for New Beginnings.

Stay Open. Re-form your belief systems. Accept the help and know it is ALL coming from ht one Source. And that SoUrce is YoU! <3

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