Visioning your Future

When we are creating our lives from the miraculous standpoint, we know that our Vision is the catalyst for manifest reality. We feel the vision come before the physical reality shifts around us. It feels natural to us when we are in a space of Love and non-resistance to Create this way. I have always had strong, clear and grand visions for my life before I knew how they would materialise. It came in clear as day and I could see myself in this new version of reality, quite different from what I was currently living but a signpost to a possible future reality. The more I meditated and connected to Source, asked for guidance and followed it even if I couldn’t see exactly where it was going, that Vision would quite quickly become manifest reality. 


For example 2 years ago I had a strong urge and knowing that I had to travel to the West Coast of California. I prayed and meditated on how I could do this, kept taking the action, visualising myself where I wanted to be, holding the Vision and very easily I was on a plane with 3 paying clients who I could work with as I traveled and I had manifested this dream. It is very important that we do not talk ourselves out of what we desire. We may not know how to go about getting it, it may even seem impossible in your current belief system and environment but remember if you break down the word I’m Possible its written in the framework itself! 


The key to expanding in to our Visions and designing life from this place is that no matter how much the thoughts may protest and how much resistance may be there, that we hold the Vision. The details will fall in to Divine Alignment as we hold and move towards that Vision. The actions will be inspired and the deeper knowing, the hunger and the drive to get to the goal helps move the human animal forward in 3D to get the ball rolling. It always seems impossible till its not. The 4 minute mile, Man on the moon, Earth is round… you get the drift. 


Even if you are already pretty open to whats possible for you and others. Even if you are a healer or a yogi and you believe in the power of the metaphysical, you may still be blocked in believing in the most important part of all of this… that you are able to create your own best reality, just for you. I can find myself believing anything for the people in my life, encouraging them to dream big to not limit themselves to expand further. Yet when it comes to my own Visions and really stepping in to the life I truly want, I can be so down on my self and limit what I am capable of! For me its the more practical steps and daily needs I have struggled with allowing in to my existence. The big trips and higher visions of travel, meeting people I admire, creative projects all have seemed easier in a way for my mind to allow to manifest. Probably because there has to be a lot more surrender and less control with these visions. 


~ So now at this stage in your life, what is it you want to Create?

~ What Vision do you have for your happiest reality?

~ What has been burning within you ready to be seen, voiced or just looked at? 


We really are constantly shaping our reality, think of and remember all of the amazing things you have created so far! And there are many of them if you allow yourself to look! Remember when you believed that vision or dream was too big or too hard and you did it anyway. 


Expand in to your vision and let life pour in to the details and formulate an ingenious plan. You don’t have to “do” it all, you just have to Hold your Vision. Let it unravel, sit with it, create, write, paint, pray, dance and get excited by life again! 


With Love, 


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