So why Heal anyway?

Energy healing isn’t a substitute for doing the things you need to do in life, the goal is to look at the unconscious motivations you have that are stopping you from creating the changes that you want. 

It is so common for people to take action towards a goal and not get the desired results they want. The reason for that is because we don’t realise that the subconscious has many great reasons for stopping us. 

For example, say you want to be thinner but your subconscious tells you it might be dangerous because people will get jealous. You will unconsciously sabotage all of your attempts to eat well and exercise due to this subconscious programme. 

Energy healing can get the person down to the real reason behind the issue not progressing or moving forward. To unravel the layers on top and bring a breakthrough in to shift that persons reality. After that point the action can feel easier and the person will feel free-er to move forward. 

Before an issue clears and resolves we may have a lot of heaviness or resistance to it. Beneath all of that is a positive gain a person is getting from that behaviour or situation. Usually it has something to do with not feeling safe without it, even when it’s causing a lot of pain! 

The saying “it’s better the devil you know than the one you don’t” applies here. I’m not talking about devils so don’t worry! But what I mean is even if something feels awful a person will have a hard time giving it up if they don’t know what else is on offer. 

In a Theta Healing energy session we will get the person to a place of seeing a better solution than having to continually create the same issue time and time again. That’s why, when a person is ready, a pattern they have been holding on to for years can be changed in the space of 1 Hour. 

When you start to understand how energy and the subconscious mind works you have tools to change it and stop re-living the past over and over again. There is no reason why you cannot heal and move on. All it takes is some willingness 😀

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