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Transmissions for the New Age


Episode #19 with Lillie Claire Love on Re-defining Tantra

On this episode of Goddess Hour I got to talk with my dear sister on the Priestess path, Lillie Claire Love. Lillie had so much deep, juicy medicine to share with us during this episode and as the time went one the content got richer and more potent! Lillie and I discuss the new paradigm for female leaders stepping in to their power. Lillie talks about her experience of being taught by the late Psalm Isadora and we dive in to the shadows and dark aspects of healing the sexual wounds in both men and women. Lillie also gives us her take on the power of the #metoo movement and where we need to go from here to heal and change things.

Lillie guides people to deepen their self love, to learn to listen to their bodies wisdom, and to let love in again.Lillie uses a range of powerful tools to take people out of their heads and into their bodies. She supports women to connect with their sacred sexuality and helps men connect to their heart.

Free Yoni Egg Guide ~ sexlovefempower.com/yoni-egg-guide

Episode #18 with Shiva Rajaya on Conscious Relating

Welcome to a new fresh off the press Goddess Hour interview! This week I went to my friend Shiva's Tantric temple home here in Bali to interview him. After sharing a delicious tropical breakfast together Shiva and I began our discussion. Shiva understands life on a very high and esoteric level as well as being deeply compassionate, kind and caring to humanity. We discuss what it means and looks like to practice Tantra within relationships. Shiva gives us great advice as women on how to stop expecting that men are not available for a committed and conscious relationship. He also gives us a super special mantra and practice at the end in order to call in greater love with a male partner. This was a magnificent experience for me and I hope that you can feel the transmission pouring through this recording and in to your heart.

Connect with Shiva!

Website: www.vitalcoaching.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/vitalcoaching2/
Instagram: www.instagram.com/vitalcoaching/
Email Shiva: vitalcoaching@gmail.com

Episode #17 with Shona Keeli Jones on the Metaphysics of Menstruation

Welcome to a new and very special episode of Goddess Hour. This week I got to interview a woman that I so admire, Shona Keeli Jones. Shona is a Yoni Empress and Womb Whisperer who has stepped fully out in to her path as a priestess of the Divine Feminine and is sharing some phenomenal truths with us all. During this episode Shona and I dive deep in to some direct womb transmissions and moon-cycle talk, with Shona openly sharing about her own path to re-discovering her Blood as Sacred. She also shares about how motherhood has brought her in to a new relationship with sexuality and we get in to some juicy hot topics around Tantra, Temple Priestess-hood and the new age of integrity and alignment we are called to grow on as a collective. I couldn't be more honoured to share space with this sister, the medicine is so strong and I am grateful to share it with you all <3

Guest Bio:
Shona Keeli Jones is a light bearer and energetic midwife to the wave of Feminine Consciousness that is bringing balance back onto our planet. By working with and diving deeper into the magic and mysteries of the womb for healing, creation, and love, she supports women on the journey of remembering the sacredness of their feminine vortex. Holding an impeccable space for healing, self-care, and revelation, she assists the rebirthing of women ready to become a natural authority of their own body wisdom to access their fullest, creative and magnetic potential. Her wisdom is drawn from ancient womb religions and practices spanning thousands of years including Mayan and Tantric traditions.

Episode #16 with Shelly Bullard on Becoming your own Beloved

In this weeks episode I am joined by the Goddess incarnate that is Shelly Bullard! Shelly and I live currently in the same community here in Ubud, Bali and she has been an inspiring presence to me since I got here. Shelly's work is as a Love Coach, Spiritual teacher and therapist but, of course, she does so much more than just that. During our live discussion from her home in the beautiful Balinese jungle, we go deep in to the topics of love, romance, relationships and committing to our own self love in the most radical ways. Shelly also offers easy and practical tools to support you in connecting to the Love within yourself. I am blessed to be connected with this amazing woman. Enjoy the transmission <3

Connect with Shelly here:

Website: shellybullard.com/
Courses: shellybullard.com/courses/

Episode #15 with Sydney Campos on Living an Aligned Life

This weeks guest is my soul sister and galactic Bali buddy Sydney Campos! Sydney is a Visionary Life Coach and Miraculous Manifestor as well as an overall courageous and beautiful woman. In this discussion Sydney shares her journey through life with such grace and vulnerability as she opens up about the darker parts of her history and what got her through. We discuss addiction and the journey back to Love as well as the daily struggles we face on our path. Sydney's vision is to create a media platform for people doing amazing things in the world and she is such a great support to me and so many others who need that extra boost to get our work out in to the world. You won't want to miss the magic of this woman so please tune in!

Get in touch with Sydney here:

Website: sydneycampos.com/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/sydneycamposmagic
Instagram: www.instagram.com/sydneycampos/

Episode #14 with Rachael Webb on Remembering Lemuria

March's first guest is Rachael Webb of Soul Star Medicine. I first connected with Rachael by discovering her wonderful instagram profile and I knew I wanted to speak with her more about her work and life's journey. In our discussion Rachael shares about her journey to coming out of the Magic closet and living in alignment with her truth. She shares her wisdom on what is going on cosmically and with our mother earth right now and how we can be hopeful for the future. She also channels some beautiful light language from the Sacred land of Maui, Hawaii. The vibration is very high and you will feel it as you listen. Enjoy and join her Magic Tribe on facebook to connect with other light workers from all around the globe.

Guest Bio: Rachael Webb is an internationally known Spiritual Business Advisor. Rachael works with creatives & entrepreneurs who long to find the clarity and the courage to share their gifts in a way that is both authentic and profitable. She believes in the power of community to create social change, and helps her clients to increase their influence through social media. She is passionate about merging the worlds of business and spirituality during this powerful time of shift on our planet. Rachael is a clairsentient High Priestess in the Temple of Isis, an Ordained Lemurian Priestess, a Doctor of Metaphysics, with a Masters in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and a Global Coherence Initiative Ambassador for the Institute of Heart Math. 
You can follow her daily posts on Instagram.com/soulstarmedicine, and learn more about her magical work at SoulStarMedicine.com

Episode #13 with Sofia Sundari on the Power of the Priestess

In this episode of Goddess Hour I had the pleasure of speaking with my Beloved teacher and one of my mentors of the Goddess path, Sofia Sundari. Sofia and I had this conversation live from Bali after I attended her Sacred Feminine Immersion retreat for 2 weeks of intimate sisterhood bonding and healing. Sofia gives us tips on how to Love ourselves more and heal our perceptions of what it means to be a woman. She talks a bit about her work as a Tantrika and why our most fulfilling relationship is always the one we have with ourselves. Not to be missed! <3

To learn more about Sofia and her work visit her website - www.sofiasundari.com

And connect with her on Facebook - www.facebook.com/sofiasundari
and Instagram - www.instagram.com/sofiasundari


Episode #12 with Kate Taylor on Practical Magic

This months featured super star on Goddess Hour is the wonderful Kate Taylor of Up Coaching. In our discussion Kate explains how she found her calling as a coach who helps people live more creatively and from the heart. Kate also clears up what it truly means to be an introvert or an extrovert from an energetic standpoint. We are also very lucky to be guided in a magical and embodied meditation led by Kate. I felt uplifted and healed by the end of our chat and I know you will too! Enjoy!

Connect with Kate here: www.upcoaching.co.uk/

Episode #11 with Sara Sophia Eisenman on the Dark Goddess

This month's esteemed guest on Goddess Hour is the magikal, mystical and magnificent Sara Sophia Eisenman. Sara is a writer and new thought leader who shares thought provoking and powerful content on her Facebook page to her many thousand followers and friends each day. She challenges us to see things differently, to shed light on overcoming abuse and rising with the Goddess as our planet transforms and we do also. This conversation is an activation, I was changed by it in wonderful ways and I am grateful to call this marvellous woman a sister and fellow cheerleader for the Divine Feminine.

Here's to the New Earth!

Connect with Sara here: www.thesacredfemme.com/

Episode #10 with Bryan Reeves on What Men Want

This week I had the absolute pleasure of connecting with our first male guest on Goddess Hour, Bryan Reeves! Bryan gives us a very much needed perspective of the masculine dynamics in relationships. He shares his personal journey of transformation through applying the principals he now uses in his coaching work with individuals and couples. A former US Air Force Captain, Bryan Reeves has survived multiple dark nights of the soul and now coaches men, women and couples to create thriving lives and relationships. He’s the author of the viral blog, “Choose Her Every Day or Leave Her” and two books, “The Sex, Flirting, Dating, Hunting and Hoping Diet” and ”Tell The Truth, Let The Peace Fall Where It May.”. This was a soul enriching and deeply healing conversation for me and I hope it brings you the same.

Connect with Bryan online here:

Home Page - www.bryanreeves.com 
Facebook - www.facebook.com/bryanreevesofficial
Twitter - www.twitter.com/thebryanreeves
Instagram - www.instagram.com/bryancito

Episode #9 with Sarah Durham Wilson on Divine Feminine

This week I got to speak to the amazing Sarah Durham Wilson creator of Do It Girl. This woman is so fierce, so strong and so brave, meeting her has been a catalyst for change in my own life. In our conversation Sarah speaks some real truths about the Sacred Feminine, the Goddess movement and divine partnership with another. There is some swearing in this episode to highlight the issues we speak of, so if you are sensitive to this just be aware before listening.

This is a life changing discussion, listen, breathe and let the discussion open up what your soul wants you to know.

Visit Sarah here: www.facebook.com/DOITGIRLS/?fref=ts

Episode #8 with Stacy Hamm on Sex and Self Love

This week on Goddess hour I had the pleasure of speaking with my dear soul sister Stacy Hamm. Stacy and I met last year at Marianne Williamson's Aphrodite Training event in LA. I have been following her journey online ever since and her vibe and message is so needed and inspiring. Stacy teaches women how to embody their feminine essence through sacred sex. She has so much to share with us about what it looks like and feels like to embody our sexuality in mind, body and soul. I know you will love this episode!

Visit Stacy's website here: stacyhamm.com/

Episode #7 with Barbara Stanny on Women and Wealth

This week I had the honour of having Barbara Stanny on the show. Barbara is the critically acclaimed author of a series of books on women and wealth and is the leading expert in the area of financial success for women. Barbara is also a student of A Course In Miracles and an all round amazing advocate for female empowerment. Our conversation changes so much for me and her advice is extremely powerful. This is not to be missed.

Visit Barbara's website here: barbarastanny.com

Join her Money Monday Facebook group here: www.facebook.com/groups/moneymonday/


Episode #6 with Fifi Scarlett on Cosmic Connections

This week I had the pleasure of speaking to the lovely Fifi Scarlett. Fifa is a writer, forward thinker and intuitive business mentor. During our conversation Fifi shares about her views on the wide and wonderful world of spirituality and we have some fun on the call. Tune in for some guidance on manifestation and connecting to your spirit guides! Enjoy!

Visit Fifi's website here: fifiscarlett.com

Episode #5 with Jennifer Main on Awakening Shakti

This week's guest on Goddess Hour is Master ThetaHealing® Teacher and Instructor Jennifer Main based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Jennifer discusses her work and some of her views on how healing supports our growth. We talk about ancestors and Jennifer will even guide you on a meditation journey to connect to your inner Shakti! This episode is not to be missed!

To learn more about Jennifer's work you can visit her website here: www.jennifermain.co.uk/

Episode #4 with Vix from New Age Hipster on Tarot and Truth

This week's guest on Goddess Hour is the Tarot priestess and Intuitive Goddess, Vix from New Age Hipster! In our interview we discuss what it takes to be a healer and tarot reader, why it's best to be real and how to avoid the comparison traps. Vix is a wonderful example of how being yourself and living your passions can lead to true success. We get a bit fiery during our discussion! It's all in the name of integrity and Love! Enjoy!

Visit Vix's website here: www.newagehipster.co/

Episode #3 with Ollie Neveu on Furry Soulmates

Ollie is an animal healer and lover of the planet. In our interview she shares some new information about our furry friends and why they need our love. She also shares about the importance of being conscious with our food and shares her path to Veganism. We also get a little cameo from my rather excitable and bark dog Charlie! Not to be missed <3

Ollie runs an animal healing circle regularly for free. You can learn more about her and her work here: www.ollieneveu.com

Episode #2 with Alex Weber on Millennial Mystics

My guest this week on Goddess Hour is the beautiful, bright and brilliant Alex Weber! A transformational life coach for millennial women and all round beauty! We discuss the importance of sisterhood and being true to yourself as a young woman. Alex has so much great advice to share!

For more on Alex and her work visit her website here: truenorthlifedesign.co/

Episode #1 with Elloa Atkinson on A Course In Miracles

My first guest on Goddess Hour is the beautiful, authentic and inspiring Elloa Atkinson. We discuss Elloa's journey to find her spirit amidst some dark nights of the soul. Time literally stopped for me while speaking to Elloa, she is fiercely present, courageously open and utterly compassionate. This discussion will fire up your soul!

Learn more about Elloa here: www.elloaatkinson.com/