Come and explore the Fruits of the Goddess as we dive through a 4 week exploration of the Sacred Feminine in four of her most potent archetypal forms! Each week will have a unique flavour and focus as we allow the energies and esences of 4 Hindu deities to work their ways in to our lives. Each week will be very unique and support you in nourihing and nurturing the different aspect of what your Soul is seeking at this time.


Kali ~ Sacred Fire.

Durgha ~ Strength and Commitment.

Saraswati ~ Creativity and Flow.

Lakshmi ~ Abundance and entering our inner Temple.


We will meet for 70 minutes from 4pm-5.10pm each Saturday for Four Sacred weeks of this Juicy and Delightful exploration.

Healing through meditation, dance, song, drawing, sharing with sisters and direct energy healing to really anchor in and receive the Bountiful Fruits of the Goddess! I look forward to journeying with you!

Love Jennifer


~Week by Week Workshop Descriptions~


Week 1 - Kali ~ Igniting the Sacred Fire


In our week 1 exploration of the Fruits of the Goddess we will dive in to awaken our sacred Fire energy. The power that lies in the root chakra and expresses itself through our rawest and realest emotions. We will move and breath in this essence of fire, to clear and purify all that no longer serves us as individuals and therefore having positive impact on the collective field. Kali Ma is the Goddess of Divine Ferocity, she teaches us how to move through the cycles of death and rebirth in our lives and to awaken the wild woman within.


Week 2 - Durgha ~ Strengthening our Commitment to Life


Durgha is the Great Mother Goddess of Commitment. She rides on a tiger or lion to represent the untamed and wildest instinctual nature and she tames that beast through her calm and strong temperament with 10 arms and hands ready to deal with whatever life has in store. Durgha supports us when we are ready to step in to a greater commitment to our lives and our purpose. In this week’s exploration we will dive in to the energy of commitment and holding the vision we want to move into in our lives, with the faith that the Goddess is behind us always.


Week 3 - Saraswati ~ Creative Expression and Flow


In week 3 we call upon the Creative power and sweet gentle essence of Goddess Saraswati. She is the Divine muse, Creatures of beauty in the art forms of the world such as painting, singing, music and dance. This week we will focus upon creativity, uncovering your hidden talents in the creative arts or continuing to develop the ones you already share. Whether that be through artwork, writing, singing, playing an instrument, dance or any other creative pursuit, this week will be about bringing your deepest desire for creative expression to Life!


Week 4 - Lakshmi ~ Entering the Temple and Receiving Abundance


Our final week of this series exploring the Fruits of the Goddess will be in connection to how we receive abundance in our lives. We will go through a mystical meditation journey exerting our very own Temple and meeting the Goddess Lakshmi who will bestow upon us all of the gifts we have been seeking and more! Through meditation and exploring the blocks we may have in the way of our Infinitely Abundant True nature we will clear these during this time and come together with our vision of receiving abundant blessings, the Fruits of our devotion to the Goddess over these 4 weeks.


Please wear loose comfortable clothing as their will be movement involved in this workshop and a blanket for your meditation journey at the end. Also bring your water bottle to stay hydrated!


Dates and times:-


Week 1 ~ October 21st @ 4pm - 5.10pm

Week 2 ~ October 28th @ 4pm - 5.10pm

Week 3 ~ November 4th @ 4pm - 5.10pm

Week 4 ~ November 11th @ 4pm - 5.10pm


~ Ticket Prices ~

Full Access Four week Goddess Pass (recommended) ~ £66

Single Workshop Pass (Drop in)~ £20

It is recommended to gift yourself the four week journey experience due to each week leading on to the next and building momentum for receiving the Fruits of the Goddess on Week 4.

Taking place at the Sacred Heart Centre

The Sacred Heart Centre

25 Rodney Street

Edinburgh EH7 4EL


Phone: 0131 558 3334