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Healing work with me is tailored to each person. The best people to tell you about it are probably my previous clients.

I am trained as a ThetaHealing® Practitioner. 

I have supported many people now to unhook themselves from past trauma's that were holding them back in life. I have also transformed my own life drastically in a fairly short amount of time by applying this work daily. If you are ready to shift things and move forward, this work may be for you...


Key areas this work can support you in:

LIFE VISIONING AND MANIFESTATION: Co-creating the life you want with Source intelligence and getting clear on your goals, wantings and desires for the future.


LOVE, SEXUALITY AND RELATIONSHIPS: Releasing the blocks you have to receive love in all ways, including attracting your most Divinely compatible Soulmate in to your life.

TRAUMA RELEASE: Unhooking you from past and present triggers and fears.

MEDITATION: Relaxation techniques, more peace and support in cultivating a meditation practice.

INSPIRING OTHERS: Getting clear on your mission and your message. Cultivating courage and confidence.

Jennifer is amazing. I had such a powerful healing session with her.
— Barbara
Wow Jennifer! Your healing is incredibly transformative!
— Danielle
(You are) highly intuitive, compassionate and authentic... Thank You!
— Emily

Live a life you Love <3

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