The Ultimate Abundance Healing Bundle

This offering is designed to support you in your growth and advancement at this key point on your life's journey. It is a short and focused 6 week programme of 90 minute healing sessions with me in order to move you through to that Next-Level of your life. We will do that through a deeply loving, safe and supportive inquiry in to your subconscious blocks, your energy frequencies and your belief systems. 

I, Jennifer, will apply my skills in Psychology, Support work, Intuitive and Healing practices and whatever else I am being guided to help you with for a Full Circle and transformative experience. 

Previous clients have called this work life changing, deeply loving, safe and illuminating on many levels of their lives and internal world. I am committed to doing the best job that I can to help my clients feel empowered, supported and able to live a life of More Love and Self-Acceptance and less doubt, fear and worry.

That is, after all why I believe we are here. To release the illusions of fear and anchor in to greater levels of love, joy, optimism and a full alignment with our purpose on this planet.

I hope I can be your guide on this healing journey.


With Love and Gratitude,


Please Read the Terms and Conditions of service before purchasing.

Jennifer is amazing. I had such a powerful healing session with her.
— Barbara
Wow Jennifer! Your healing is incredibly transformative!
— Danielle
(You are) highly intuitive, compassionate and authentic... Thank You!
— Emily

Live a life you Love <3