About me

Hello Goddess, my name is Jennifer Anne Cain, I am 27 years old and from Scotland in the United Kingdom. My basic astrological components are Cancer Sun, Cancer Moon and Sagittarius Rising. When I was 18 I hit a big bottom in my life which led me to a book which led me to a teacher called Marianne Williamson. This teacher led me to a practice called A Course In Miracles and slowly but surely I began to walk my spiritual path and move in to a more Love based life philosophy. 

I began my university studies in Psychology at age 20 and continued to become more and more interested in concepts related to Womens work and Feminine Empowerment. This felt like a huge calling for me. Aroung my 3rd year at University I began to get very in touch with states of Higher Consiousness, communicating directly with angels and ascended masters, Jesus being a big influence. I chanelled the name for my healing practice to be Rise Goddess and began to seek deeper in to the paths of the Divine Feminine. Books would come to me and teachers who were exploring the mysteries and myth of the Goddess. Mary Magdalene became a main topic of focus for me and her relation ship with Jesus became a fascination. 

In 2014 after graduating University and feeling a loss in where to go next I moved to london and there I discovered a healing technique called Theta Healing®. I completed my Advanced Training by march 2015 and my whole life bagn to change drastically and for the better, although it was very painful and challenging at the time. Soon after I began working with Female Entrepeneurs in the spiritual business sector online. I was learning about the challenges that we face as Female Leaders in this Now Age and I began to travel the world, learning more and more. 

I went to California, Germany, Austria, Hungary, England, Spain and eventually spent 8 months in 2016 and 2017 in Bali, Indonesia meeting amazing people in the spiritual community there in Ubud where the Goddess work is very much thriving. There I started to learn about Goddess Temple Arts, healing my perception of my Female body and my Sacred sexuality and exploring Tantra, Authentic Relating and the Wheel of Conset amongst many others.

I am now back in Scotland in the UK and teaching Goddess Workshops and other Womens and Healing events in the city. While expanding my work online. One of my great passions is to teach empowerment to women through the embodiment of the various Goddess archetypes. The Goddess being the feminine nature of the Source of all that is or Creator. Different cultures and religions have unique and varied depictions of the Goddess and her functions. For example in Hinduism the Great Mother Goddess is name Durgha. In Christian texts we see her as Mother Mary and then she has her many faces and forms such as Aphrodite in the Olympian mythos, Saraswati in Hinduism and so many more. All representing the many forms and functions, the desires and aspects we have as women.

This mission is guiding me to keep the conversation evolving around New Paradigm Female Leadership. What are the pitfalls and challenges we still face? How can we support each other and still have plenty for ourselves? What is my message and how do I portray myself to the world?

If this resonates with you, I hope you will keep in contact with me and share your insights. Enjoy your visit <3


Sat Nam(Truth is my identity, in Sanskrit), 

Love Jennifer


Rise Goddess Mission Statement

To Commit to being a signpost and a safe haven for all women who resonate on the empowered and authentic frequency to come and evolve in to their true nature. To apply the spiritual principles taught and guided by the facilitators in order to co-create lasting and ever present change, empowerment and transformation on every level of that Soul's being. To Remember that the energy of Love is the Highest Power and the only necessary healing force in all matters and to continue to Rise and sustain wealth, prosperity, fulfilment, desire and passion, creative life force and authentic, peaceful and Divinely aligned expression in all ways. With healthy boundaries and clear, practical guidelines for all who are drawn here. Cultivating a nurturing, caring and forgiving approach with patience, strength and guided in a Divinely timed way. Remembering we are already complete and whole only to heal in order to remember our True Nature and this resulting in our collective experience of more joy and greater miraculous occurrences in our life journey each step of the way. Allowing more Grace and Ease in every action and with each breath a calm centred-ness and trust in the Creator. May all be happy, free and at peace. And So It Is, Amen.

Professional Bio

Jennifer Cain is an Advanced Theta Healing®practitioner, Psychology Graduate and advocate for the Rising of the Divine Feminine on our planet. She has held space for women globally with her online mentoring work and also facilitated live Goddess workshops and meditation evenings in Bali, London and Edinburgh. She is a student of the metaphysical text A Course In Miracles and continues to train alongside some of the worlds leading teachers in spiritual wisdom and on female empowerment. Jennifer's company is Rise Goddess. She offers longer term Spiritual Mentorship programmes to her clients all over the world via Zoom. Teaches Goddess workshops in person and offers free content in the forms of Goddess Hour, a Podcast for the shifting of planetary consciousness and Feminine Power. As well as regular Facebook live posts and Youtube videos on relevant Spiritual Topics.