My name is Jennifer Cain

Truth teller, Goddess Awakener and Eternal student of Life.

The story so far...

My journey of spiritual awakening began shortly after my 18th birthday. Always being classed as a highly sensitive person, I often got caught up in the drama and fear of what was going on around me and within me. My relationships were filled with fear and conflict and I had little self esteem to speak of. On top of that addiction to alcohol was causing many problems with my health and my interactions with the world. It got to a point where I could no longer sustain this destructive behaviour and so when I was ready my teacher appeared in the form of a book and a set of beliefs and ideas that led me back on my path to Love. 

I continually became more and more interested in meditation and the human psyche. Moving away from pursuing a career in musical theatre and performance, I began my studies in Psychology at university. Over those years of academic study I became more and more interested in alternative medicine, yoga, mediation and other holistic forms of therapy.

I also began to have many spiritual realisations and awakenings during that time. Reading books by Eckhart Tolle, Marianne Williamson and Louise Hay started to open my mind to a whole new way of relating to the world. I could see that the metaphysical perspective would help me and those who were called to my work better than some of the traditional ways I was being taught at college.

The name for my practice of Rise Goddess came at a stage when I was beginning to enquire about Feminine Power. I received a partial scholarship to an online course where I began to wake up to the practices of sisterhood, cultivating feminine radiance and dismantling the myths around what it means to be an empowered female on this planet. At first when i channeled the name, I was resistant to it and hesitant to go forward, but my guidance was clear and over the proceeding years I learned so much about what it means to connect with Divine Feminine energy and mainly the parts of my consciousness that were still repressed. 

Post University is when my greatest teaching began. I was faced with every which way that I still refused to shine, where I was still stuck in past patterns and fear and I was led to heal all of this by training in ThetaHealing®. My psychic senses became more acute and accurate, I realised why I had been stuck and in pain for so long and how my false beliefs about who I thought i was were shaping my reality. Most Importantly I saw that I had the power to change my life and so I did. After completing my basic and advanced training in London I worked through my major blocks for months. Then I began to see clients, now I am successfully self employed and doing what I love for a living. Being told it wasn't possible, manifesting a new reality I had only dreamed of and connecting with beautiful souls every day as I cleared my resistance to love.

I am now as I was back at the beginning, still learning and growing and healing on a daily basis. Except now I have some tried and tested tools to help me along the wayand I am much lighter than before. I have been committed to training with those who are also focused on the path of love and evolving consciousness and have invested much of my time and money on this growth process. Training with teachers such as Marianne Williamson, Claire Zammit, Katherine Woodward Thomas, Jennifer Main, Anna Kitney, Sofia Sundari and many more.

Stepping out of my comfort zone with travel has been some of the most important learning I could have hoped for. Meeting people from varying backgrounds, belief systems and cultures has supported my growth greatly. I also began practicing kundalini yoga and breath work as well as ecstatic dance. This is something I am moving towards training in as a teacher in the near future. It is my honour to facilitate space for this healing path we have all taken. The subconscious holds the keys to our freedom. When we are brave enough and ready to explore it... Amazing shifts can happen.

I believe that Feminine Power is the key ingredient to that empty hole the world is attempting to fulfil. It is not just women who are being called to Rise in to their Sacred Femininity, men are also. As a human race, it is time we all accept ourselves as the nurturing, loving and heart centred beings that we truly are.


Gaia - Mother - Nature Earth...she is calling for us to Rise.


My current path has taken me to Bali, Indonesia where I am learning more and more about the working of the Goddess movement and how to protect the Sacredness of our land and of ourselves through healing and sacred practice.

It is my honour to be with you here. Please contact me and say hello. I am very happy to make loving and heartfelt connections with people all over the globe!


Keep Shining.

Continue to Rise.

Love Jennifer x

Taken during the Sacred Feminine Immersion retreat here in Bali <3

Taken during the Sacred Feminine Immersion retreat here in Bali <3



Credentials and Training

  • 2.1 BSc (Hons) Psychology from Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh.
  • Certified Advanced ThetaHealing®, Intuitive Anatomy & Game of Life Practitioner.
  • Goddess Workshop and Guided Meditation class facilitator in London & Edinburgh.
  • Feminine Power Course Graduate 2013.
  • Attendee of Aphrodite Training seminar in LA with Marianne Williamson.
  • Hosted 7 week online course on Awakening The Feminine in 2015 with 13 female participants.
  • Worked with children and adults with special needs, particularly autism.
  • Student of the metaphysical text A Course In Miracles since 2010.
  • Certified Sacred Feminine Immersion Graduate with Sofia Sundari in Bali, December 2016.
  • Travel and life experience, meeting and connecting with many amazing souls.

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