Hello Beloved One, It's Jennifer here :) I'm happy you found me and I'll try to give you a brief and meaningful explanation of who I Am in the next few sentences. I love to dance and sing and be with people that I love. I cook and clean and spend time with animals and in nature as much as I can in order to nourish my Soul. I am also a firey and ambitious traveller who has sought greater levels of adventure and freedom as the years have went on. My passion for Divine Knowledge, healing and Feminine Power stems from the pain and at times the destruction I experienced through the apparent lack of these attributes in my own life. I really just want there to be less suffering on this planet and I know that begins with first myself and then supporting those who are ready in healing through what I know. My first big spiritual awakening occurred at the age of 18 after my unconscious lifestyle choices and deeply rooted pain where beginning to seriously affect my life. I had always been brought up to believe in God and in angels and in Love but somewhere along the way, fear took hold of me and it held on pretty tightly.

I knew that there was more to life than how I and the people around me had been living it and slowly as the years went on and my spiritual practices developed I began to uncover Truths and solve internal mysteries and Love myself once again. Along my path of discovery I have trained in Psychology at University, became a ThetaHealer®, traveled to Bali to Immerse myself in the practices of the Divine Feminine and much more. The most important things to note really are that I continue to be amazed by the power of our intention to step in to the Truth of who we are. That the Divine Feminine and Goddess energies and archetypes have a key role to play for us as women in our ability to fully own and integrate this emerging paradigm of equality and Union on our planet. It can be a beautiful and harmonious experience when we choose it to be. Coming together with sisters, owning our worth and stepping up and out of the old and disempowering ways of behaving which bring us down and make us feel small. It can take some courage to let go, I know, but I also know you have so much help available to you in order to do so. The entire cosmos and beyond is cheering you on! I hope I can be a part of that solution. As always with the intention for the Highest Good of all. 

Love Jennifer x


Rise Goddess Mission Statement

To Commit to being a signpost and a safe haven for all women who resonate on the empowered and authentic frequency to come and evolve in to their true nature. To apply the spiritual principles taught and guided by the facilitators in order to co-create lasting and ever present change, empowerment and transformation on every level of that Soul's being. To Remember that the energy of Love is the Highest Power and the only necessary healing force in all matters and to continue to Rise and sustain wealth, prosperity, fulfilment, desire and passion, creative life force and authentic, peaceful and Divinely aligned expression in all ways. With healthy boundaries and clear, practical guidelines for all who are drawn here. Cultivating a nurturing, caring and forgiving approach with patience, strength and guided in a Divinely timed way. Remembering we are already complete and whole only to heal in order to remember our True Nature and this resulting in our collective experience of more joy and greater miraculous occurrences in our life journey each step of the way. Allowing more Grace and Ease in every action and with each breath a calm centred-ness and trust in the Creator. May all be happy, free and at peace. And So It Is, Amen.

Professional Bio

Jennifer Cain is an Advanced Theta Healing®practitioner, Psychology Graduate and advocate for the Rising of the Divine Feminine on our planet. She has held space for women globally with her online mentoring work and also facilitated live Goddess workshops and meditation evenings in Bali, London and Edinburgh. She is a student of the metaphysical text A Course In Miracles and continues to train alongside some of the worlds leading teachers in spiritual wisdom and on female empowerment. Jennifer's company is Rise Goddess. She offers longer term Spiritual Mentorship programmes to her clients all over the world via Zoom. Teaches Goddess workshops in person and offers free content in the forms of Goddess Hour, a Podcast for the shifting of planetary consciousness and Feminine Power. As well as regular Facebook live posts and Youtube videos on relevant Spiritual Topics.