Hi I’m Jennifer :)

I have worked with women from all over the globe for 4 years now in a mixture of Online Mentoring, Energy Healing, Certified trainings and Creatively Self-Inspired workshops. I birthed the creative name for my business before I even got started! Rise Goddess came through to me as a channelled message from my Higher Self and the Angels. I knew it was imperative that we as women remembered our True nature. That we stopped trying to be like men or other women and let our own Unique energy guide us.

It has been a deep journey for me, awakening to my Goddess self, exploring unchartered territory, working through my own blocks and fears. Being a Feminine woman can be a great gift to our world. I know you can Shine and show us who you are!

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~ Have you been feeling that you want to Create more in your business? That you want your work to reflect the Real You?

~ Do you feel as though you have great ideas but are too afraid to go ahead with them?

~ Just because it hasn’t been done before, does not mean you are not the person to do it first!

Mentorship with Me

A Mentoring relationship can be a great support to you as you step out of the old and in to a new way of thinking, feeling and being. The point of this container is to pour love in to your creative process. To help you see the parts of you that were hidden. To empower you to be who you Truly are and to do the work that you came here to this planet to do.

I (Jennifer) have done things differently. I have witnessed the deep longing of women to be who they are and express themselves in all areas of their lives. The area that can sometimes feel the most limited or blocked is that of business. Doing things a new way and following our soul’s calling have not been encouraged in modern society. They are, however, in my belief the only way to be truly fulfilled.

I have worked with many women who have incorporated more heart and soul in to their work with great results. Stepping out of the old, outdated ways of doing things and creating what is truly inspiring, fulfilling and abundant.

2019 is a year for doing what our Soul is guiding us towards. You can create and manifest amazing things. It only takes a choice from you to move forward and be who you came here to be!


~ Are you a woman who longs to Create from the depth of her being?

~ Is 2019 your year to step up and out of old and limited ways of thinking?

~ Do you have creative ideas bursting out, ready to be formulated in to your current or a new business?

~ Or are you transitioning out of a well- established career in to something more You?

If this resonates, I invite you to apply to start Work with Me.


~ 3 months

~ 3 x 1 hour calls per month with a week of space for you to truly dive deep and Create!

~ Intuitive Mentoring, Energy work, Meditation and Co-Creating! Bringing those amazing ideas to LIFE and clearing the blocks in the way of you taking Inspired action steps!

~ Unlimited Email support between calls

What my Clients say:

"Jennifer Cain has a true gift of healing and guiding women to their true sense of self. I have been a part of her mentorship program and I can truly say it changed my life. I was able to resolve long-lost hurts, subconscious memories, and blocked beliefs. I was able to come to the truth of who I really am, and be honest with myself. Jennifer showed such grace and gentleness in guiding me along the way. If you are looking for a teacher, healer, or coach who can help bring you back to your truest self, please hire Jennifer. Your life and your future will thank you." - Amy 

"For 12 weeks, I began each Monday morning with a session with Jennifer. Before I saw any clients or did any work in my business, I talked to Jennifer. The result was a heart-opening, energy expanding, limiting belief removing experience. She helped me to open my heart, experience relationships, and enjoy my life and business at a new level. I am so incredibly thankful for Jennifer Cain and her work." - Amanda

"Jennifer's work is incredibly powerful. I felt a shift in my belief system almost immediately and made huge life and business decisions that have benefited me immensely since my sessions with her. I will continue to rely on her expertise and unmatched healing abilities in every area of my life. One session with Jennifer did more for me than years of working with other professionals." - Haley 

We will Begin in March 2019.

I only have a select number of spots available for women who are really ready to Birth their creations out in to the world and already have a good foundation built in terms of their knowledge and understanding of what they are here on this planet to do. (i.e. have taken trainings, have qualifications in their field etc.)


Full Investment: £1500

Payment Plan option of £510 per month.

**Introductory Bonus Offer until 27th February of £1444**

Let’s get started!

Apply Here.