Goddess mentorship

Freedom, Nurturance, Support, Divine-Grace, Wisdom, Clarity, Queendom.


I have committed my journey to unlocking the keys to Feminine Power within myself and seeing how this can transfer from me to the world around me. Feminine Power is the ability to tap in to our innate wisdom, our connection to our bodies and our hearts. To honour and grow in to our deepest desires, to navigate the waters of our subconscious ad to FEEL fully in order to heal truly.


We have nothing to hide anymore as women. 

We have stepped through the gateway to our highest evolution at this time.

We can have and do and be whatever we want in this western world but we must remember to honour our own Truth. 

To listen to the quiet and ever present voice within us.

To let that voice steer our course and to follow that deep, wise knowing whenever possible.


Rise Goddess Mentorship is designed to support you in a sustainable and long lasting enquiry in to this voice.

To reconnect to the great mother of all of life who is apart of you. It is an epic journey with many names given it such as ~ The Priestess Path, The Evolution of the Womb-an, Rebirth, Queendom, Reclamation, The Way of the Magdalene, The return of the temples of Isis.


In simple terms... We are returning to the Truth of Who we Are and why we came here. 

At this moment, In this time and space, incarnated once again as Women.


I commit to offering you all of the tools and practices and support that I have been searching for, teaching and learning myself over the past 5 years or so in this life so far (and beyond of course) to catalyse your full flourishing. With full trust, as well as strong and solid codes of ethics and boundaries that honour us both so that we can co-create a Divine portal of potent and powerful healing for You over this 9 month transformational Journey. 


If you are ready to take the next step, only after taking time to meditate upon what you have heard so far..(Please Read Terms and Conditions before booking in your call)


 Book in for your Initial Call and Apply Here.


This Rebirth Package is a Full 9 month Mentorship experience. Tailored specifically to completely support you in your transformation and Full emergence in to the Woman you came to this planet to become. Only 3 spots are available at any one time due to the deep process at hand.

A Commitment of 5 hours per week is the minimum requirement of time investment in this process. This Journey Includes: A mixture of one on one mentoring and healing calls plus personal enquiry and tasks will be specified, tailored to you and your Souls calling and worked on with me. This if for women who are fully committed to gaining the support and nurturing love they deserve from a mentor at this stage in their lives and who are ready and able to invest in such an experience. With and open heart and a knowing that all transformation is possible when we ask for it.

Previous participants have accredited this dynamic of mentoring with me to be a Divine catalyst for lasting change in their overall life experience. The way they relate to themselves and their families, following their Soul's true calling and being seen and witnessed and loved on a level they have never experienced before. Hear from them directly on the Testimony Page.



Mentorship Experience: Haley Night

"Almost two years ago I found myself, broken-hearted and empty lying at the feet of my mentor, Jennifer Cain. 

She did not pick me up. She knelt down and gently stroked my hair as she sang to me. 

She sat next to me in the mud, screamed with me, cried with me.

She held space for me to go to the darkest areas of my soul and my past. The parts of me that I’d long abandoned and she showed me that shining a light there was safe.

She introduced me to the little girl inside who had been waiting for me to soothe her. 

She showed me that it was safe to release control, to love myself completely and to step into my power as the healer and spiritual woman that I am. 

She witnessed my transformation without judgment.

Her work guided me to find my inner Priestess and understand the powerful work of the divine feminine. 

She guided me to be radically honest with myself about living a life and running a business from a space of true alignment. 

Jennifer has midwifed my soul into this next iteration of my work on this planet. 

My body is healed, my soul re-birthed and most wonderful of all; my heart has burst open. 

Jennifer, This is for you. I love you, I see you, I honour you and I will be here to watch your Goddess Rise."


More Praise for this work...
Jennifer’s work is incredibly powerful... I will continue to rely on her expertise and unmatched healing abilities in every area of my life. One session with Jennifer did more for me than years of working with other professionals.
— Haley
Jennifer Cain has a true gift of healing and guiding women to their true sense of self. I have been part of her mentorship programme and I can truly say it changed my life...
— Amy
For 12 weeks I began each Monday morning session with Jennifer. before I saw any clients or did any work in my business... I am so incredibly thankful for Jennifer Cain and her work.
— Amanda

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