New for 2018! ThetaHealing Practitioner Courses

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Theta Healing is an energy healing modality that focuses on the removal of blocks, fears and unhealthy patterns within the subconscious mind. In Theta Healing we connect to a meditation state that allows us to enter the Theta brainwave, a state of consciousness connected to God, Divine or pure Creation.

When we access this state we can begin to consciously uncover the blocks in our way of having the life we really want. We are empowered to then apply the technique in our own lives and also when working with others. The Basic DNA Practitioner course is your first introduction to the ThetaHealing modality. It opens the gateway for you to access higher states of consciousness and bring them in to your world. 

This course is largely practical. Within class you will learn: 

~ How to connect to Theta consciousness through the Connecting to the 7th plane meditation.
~ Knowledge about the different brainwaves Beta, Delta, Gamma, Theta and Alpha.
~ How to muscle test.
~ Understanding the basic principles of the Theta Healing technique by identifying subconscious belief systems when working with clients and witnessing Creator clear them. 
~ Understanding the concept of downloads.
~ Learning about the 4 levels of healing: Core, Genetic, History and Soul.
~ An introduction to digging.
~ Learning how to apply the technique when working with therapy, coaching or healing clients.

Upon completion you will receive your Official Basic DNA Practitioner Certificate from the Theta Healing Institute of Knowledge and will be registered as a Theta Healing Practitioner. 

This class is largely practical, you will clearing your own beliefs and setting new energies in place in your life during the class. You will also be supporting your fellow classmates to clear, heal and resolve their own issues. 

This is a life changing class. It is also your foundation if you wish to continue learning in Theta Healing. Understanding energy and the subconscious is one of the most liberating tools a healer, therapist or anyone willing to look a little deeper in to conscious creation can have. 

Full Class Price = £395 when booked 6 weeks in advance.
£420 when booked after. A £95 deposit will secure your spot.

I look forward to seeing you in class!

Theta Healing® Sessions


Theta Healing® is a very powerful and effective energy healing technique that focuses on removing limiting beliefs in the subconscious mind and replacing these beliefs with empowering ones. In Theta Healing we believe that 90% of what happens in our lives, our bodies, our World and beyond is beying navigated by the subconscious, 10%, the bit we see being the conscious experience of life. The more that we bring our fears, limiting beliefs and traumas to the surface for healing, the easier and happier our life can become. 


Applying this modality we can intuitively tap in to the deep, subconscious root of an issue. Usually a recurring cycle in someones life that they feel they have tried everything to shift and change but still it comes back around again. This is because the subconscious wants us to learn something and we can live our whole lives re-creating this pattern until we go to the root cause and heal the energy around it. This is the great blessing of this work. It is up to you how much you are willing to put in to it and we work together with the energy of the Creator, Source, God, Spirit or Universe to name a few of the terms we call this energy of Unconditional Love to help you heal and move forwrad in life to where you really want to go.


Courses I have completed in the ThetaHealing technique are:

~ Basic DNA Practitioner - London, January 2015

~ Advanced DNA Practioner - London, March 2015

~ Game of Life Practitioner - London, November 2015

~ Intuitive Anatomy Practitioner (15 days) - Edinburgh, April 2016

~ Dig Deeper Practitioner - Edinburgh, October 2017

~ World Relations Practitioner - Edinburgh, December 2017

~ Manifesting and Abundance Practitioner - Edinburgh, Jan 2018

Initial Consultation ~ £50

30 minute intitial consultation. 
Includes 15 minutes of Theta Healing.

Single Session ~ £170

Online 1-1 Session for 60 minutes.
You will receive a Preparation email with all details prior to our session.

Extended Session ~ £222

90 minute session to dive deeper.
Preparation email sent before session.