Liberating Your Wild Woman

This package offers you the opportunity to step in to your Truest, Wild nature as a woman. To let go of old, outdated labels and behaviours. To be and live authentically


Are you a woman who...:

~ Is Ready to let go of the past, of other people's expectations and projections and discover who she really is?

~ Wants to be more authentic, to be seen and heard and to stand for what she believes in without apology or fear?

~ Needs to connect back to her wildish nature in her own self practice, in her relationships and her work?

~ Hopes to add more value to the world through speaking Truth, liberating her voice and loving her body as it is now?


If you are asnwering Yes to these statements then this package may be for you.



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~ 5 Week commitment.

~ 3 x 70 minute 1-1 Live calls on Week 1, Week 3 and Week 5.

~ Book recommendations and articles sent through email to you each week of your journey to support your unfoldment.


2  x Monthly Instalments of £360

One Full payment of £680