Healing Bundles and Single Sessions

I apply my skills in ThetaHealing along with other Healing modalities and Intuitive guidance for a wholly powerful and life shifting experience. The majority of my clients wish to continue our working relationship together. I am now making way for new clients so we can work together in a focused and intensive way, completing the purpose of the healing relationship over a shorter period of time. For this reason I am no longer offering 1-1 longer term mentorship and instead have switched the nature of the way I work to exciting and unique healing bundles!

Each Bundle is specifically tailored to a specific cause and support for particular life stages. These bundles are the best way for us to work together and get long lasting and transformative results in your life. You are free to check out the range of Bundles Below. 


Ready to change your life now? Please read the Terms and Conditions before booking your Desired Bundle!

I can't wait to dive in with you and support you at this stage in your life's journey!

Jennifer x

Healing Experience Bundles



The Change Your Life Bundle ~ £555

For support during a big desired life change. We will work together over 3 weeks to clear all energy blocks and beliefs in the way of this desired change in a specific area of your life. With a clear direction and focus for big internal and external Life Change. 

This Bundle gives you:

- 3 x 60 minute Deep Dive Healing Sessions
- PLUS - 30 Minute Intuitive Life strategy on the third week to complete the process!

Accelerated Abundance Bundle.jpg

The Accelerated Abundance Bundle ~ £888

We will focus our healing sessions on the complete removal of the current abundance blocks you may be facing. Working from the inside out, the subconscious will show us the keys to your new life of Freedom and Affluence in your material world! You will know and experience the feelings and experiences that and abundant energy field brings and we will work together with a lot of Love to help you move forward in your life purpose with renewed Joy and Motivation!

This Bundle includes:

~ 4 x 90 Minute Extended Healing Sessions per week.
~ PLUS Bonus 22 minute Manifesting through ThetaHealing meditation with all of your desired manifestations planted in the energy of the Universe. Ready to come through for you at the end of our month long journey! 

{This meditation is highly effective, studies have show its effects of manifestation are between 80-90% compared to visualisation and affirmations ranging between 20-60% effective}

Miraculous Beginnings!.jpg

The Miraculous Beginnings Bundle ~ £1111

Makeover your Life with Miracles! beginning fresh and starting a new. This is for your light and magical experience of life, exploring your childlike essence and manifesting big fun and expanded joy in all areas of Life! Fun, Love and Sweetness in all areas! 

This Bundle Includes:

- 6 x 60 minute Healing Sessions over 7 weeks.
- PLUS 45 minute Angel Card Intuitive Downloads session to begin the adventure on week one, ready for the lovely healing to begin and supported by the Angelic realm <3                                                                            

Priestess 1.jpg

The Awakened Priestess Bundle ~ £1444

Priestess Awakened. Ultimate Feminine power and practices to awaken and embody Shakti. To Grow your Goddess from within. Shining, Emulating, emanating your raw and real manifesting power. Clearing the emotional and mental blockages in the way of you accessing the Truth of who you are

This Bundle includes :

~ 6 x 90 minute Extended Healing sessions over 6 weeks.
~ PLUS 33 Minute Powerful Priestess Initiation Experience Prior to our first Official Healing Session. Setting the tone for the rest of our journey together.
- AND access to the Healing the Feminine Online event recorded in Bali in Dec 2016.



The Completion Experience Bundle ~ £2222

This Bundle is for you if you are ready for Completion of a major cycle in your life. We will fully excavate and energetically align you to a new higher frequency. Heal the deeper layers as well as giving you a new insight in to how best to move forward. We will do a full scale review of all of your relationships, the way you interact with your environment, time management, body image, spiritual landscape and beyond... as it relates to this core issues.

~ So what pattern are you fully done with in your life?
~ What do you KNOW needs to change?
~ What have you been trying to do for years by yourself but never making any difference in your experience?

This work will help you and you will see tangible, life-affirming physical changes as well as huge internal shifts. 

Greater confidence and life changing moment and revelations will happen for you, every single client I have worked with has had these epic results in their lives and you will too.

This Bundle includes:

- 10 x 90 minutes Extended Healing Sessions, 1 per week over 10 weeks.
- PLUS 30 Minute Deep Dive Session for Mapping out Your Future Life on our last week.